Utility As-builts

RLC utility as-built drawings are the final set of drawings produced at the completion of a construction project showing water, stormwater and wastewater connections. These as-builts are now available for users to be downloaded onto mobile devices. As-built drawings for mobile devices.  
Instructions for ease of use are outlined below.

Note: for optimum performance, your device should be loaded with Adobe® Reader. This reader can be downloaded for free from any device’s app store. If you encounter problems refer to your devices user manual and/or online forums.

Loading Mobile As-builts

  1. Download either the whole set of plans in .zip format, then unzip the folder on your desktop or download individual files to your desktop.
  2. Plug device into the computer through the USB port.
  3. Depending on your device, a window may open that contains a folder named “Phone” or similar. If this fails to happen go to My Computer and find the device. Locate the folder called “Documents” in the phone folder.
  4. Find the folder that you saved the as-built files to in Step 1
  5. Copy (right-click/copy, or Ctrl+C) these files and paste (right-click/paste, or Ctrl+V) them into the “Documents” folder in Step 3. Disconnect the device once the files have transferred.
    Note: if you are updating the files, you will be prompted here. You need to click ‘replace all’.
  6. Find the files on your mobile device:
    • For Windows devices such as the Nokia Lumia, go to menu, then “Office”, then click the magnifying glass to search through all documents. For help, click here
    • For Android devices such as the Samsung S4, go to menu, then “my files”. For help, click here
    • For Mac devices, such as the iPhone, document storage can vary, and it is best to consult with your user manual and/or online forums.

Navigating As-builts on Mobile Phone

Step 1​
Photograph Demo Step 1

​When you press on the as-built book you wish to view, this will take you to the index page
Tap the screen and a banner will appear along the top. Touch the icon that looks like a newspaper.
Selct ‘single page’ to ensure quicker loading of the pages. This only has to be done once.

​Step 2
Photograph Demo Step 2

To zoom in:
Begin with fingers together on the screen, and pull your fingers apart. The screen will zoom depending on the distance between your fingers.

To zoom out:
Begin with your fingers apart on the screen and ‘pinch’ them together. The screen will zoom depending on the distance between your fingers.

​Step 3
Photograph Demo Step 3
​When you have zoomed into an area, tap in the square of the particular as-built you wish to see
Step 4
Photograph Demo Step 4

There are several navigations whilst on the as-built page itself:

The yellow areas (shown in picture for clarity) on the border of the as-built link to the adjacent as-built. It is better to zoom in, as the click must be between the blue and black lines.
By clicking in the corner, you can link to as-builts on the diagonal.
If no as-built exists where you click, you will just stay on the current as-built.
By clicking anywhere in the pink area (shown for clarity), you will be returned to the index.

To take a screenshot, eg zoomed in area, press the power button and the ‘windows’ button (bottom and centre of the phone) at the same time. The image is stored in your pictures under ‘screenshots’. ​



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