​​​​​Council is responsible for providing water supply services to Rotorua’s urban areas and the rural communities of:

  • Mamaku
  • Rotoiti
  • Rotoma
  • Kaharoa
  • Reporoa
  • Hamurana
  • Okareka
Backflow Prevention

As a water supplier, Council must provide you, the consumer, with wholesome potable water. ‘Potable’ means the water is safe for human consumption. The water supply can be contaminated if water is drawn back into the mains from your property.  Read how to avoid backflow prevention.

Water Connections/Disconnections

Council controls and maintains records for all water connections to the water supplies under its control. There are set requirements regarding the number and types of connections permitted, as well as the materials and equipment used. Only Council-approved contractors may work on Council water mains. Applying for a new connection  Water Disconnections

Water Quality

 The Ministry of Health produces the Register of Community Drinking-Water Supplies in New Zealand, which uses two gradings. Read more about supply grading and water quality

Water Metering

A water meter is a device installed on a water connection or pipe to measure the quantity of water flowing through.

On all of Council's water supplies, bulk meters constantly record the amount of water abstracted (taken from the water sources). Read more about water metering

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