Water Disconnections

​​A ‘Request for Service Disconnection’ form is required for all Service Disconnections, i.e.. All or any service no longer required due to demolition or removal of a building, subdivision or redevelopment.

Submit a completed Application for Water Disconnection form to Council. There is no administration fee required.

Permanent disconnections - where the service is fully removed and disconnected at the water main. Infracore Limited is the only contractor permitted to carry out permanent disconnections.

Temporary disconnections – where the service is plugged at the property boundary. This may be carried out by a registered plumber. Temporary disconnections are only permitted if the connection is to be reused within a year.

Once your Service Disconnection Request is processed you will receive the necessary documentation to obtain a quotation. Infracore (Rotorua Contracting) are the only Contractors permitted to carry out permanent disconnections at the water main.

You are to arrange for the work to be carried out and payment with them direct.

Page reviewed: 03 Jul 2019 10:13am