Wastewater (sewage) is water-borne waste which is liquid, with or without matter in solution or suspension, discharged into Council's sewerage system.

Who do you contact about wastewater issues?

  • Wastewater problems within your property
    A plumber
  • Blocked wastewater mains
    Council’s utilities operations engineer (wastewater)
  • Sewage pump station
    Wastewater duty engineer
  • Wastewater treatment plant
    Council’s wastewater treatment plant manager
  • Trade waste
    Council’s pollution control officers
  • Wastewater problems in the forest
    Council’s wastewater treatment plant manager
  • Odours from the wastewater treatment plant
    Council’s wastewater treatment plant manager

Wastewater Connection and Disconnection 

Rotorua District Council has a wastewater connections and disconnection process that enables Council to manage the wastewater network.

See Wastewater Connection and Disconnection for information on how to connect to Rotorua District Council Wastewater System.

Approved Contractors List

Council controls and maintains records for all wastewater connections to the sewer reticulation under it's control. Only Council-approved contractors are permitted to make connections to the Public Sewer Reticulation System.

Wastewater Treatment

Rotorua’s wastewater (sewage) is treated daily at a central Wastewater Treatment Plant on Te Ngae Rd, that uses a 5-stage Bardenpho process, the first full biological nitrogen and phosphorus process used for municipal wastewater in New Zealand. Depending on the weather, the sludge produced (biosolids) is composted on-site or landfilled while options for ‘beneficial use’ are being investigated.

For more information see Wastewater Treatment information, Disposal of Portable Toilet Waste, Compost, Washing Cars or Equipment and Drainage Faults

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