Trade Waste


What is Trade Waste?

Trade Waste is any waste water, including geothermal waste water, discharged into Council’s Waste Water System from any connected business property. Trade Waste does not include wastewater from domestic houses. More information can be down loaded from the Trade Waste Bylaw brochure.

How does this affect the Waste Water System?

Harmful materials and flows from trade waste place people, infrastructure and operations at risk, and could effect the quality of effluent discharged on to Whakarewarewa Forest Park land where it is further treated before flowing into Lake Rotorua. What's in your waste information can be accessed from the Ministry for the Environment website.

Controlling trade waste discharges.

To protect people’s health, safety, infrastructure and forest and lake environment the council has made and administers the Water Services and Trade Waste Bylaws controlling what can and cannot be discharged  and helping Businesses with their discharge requirements, and waste minimisation and cleaner production methods.

Trade waste fees.

Businesses’ trade waste is assessed for a service fee based on volume, or strength, or nutrient content. This removes cross-subsidies from other users. These fees are at cost only as there is no profit made and sewerage charges are deducted from any fees struck.

Water Services & Trade Waste Fees and Charges 2013 - 2014 (29KB)

How is trade waste discharge measured and monitored?

Trade Waste flows are measured by the amount of metered drinking water supplied to the property. Where it is required, the discharges are monitored by direct measurement, which includes metering sampling and analysis.

Obtaining a consent to discharge.

Businesses connected to the Waste Water System shall be approved. Consents are classified as either ‘Permitted’, ‘Conditional’, or ‘Prohibited’. A consent is not required for a permitted business but is required for a Conditional discharge.

To find out your business’s classification or for help with your trade waste discharge, or for more information, contact Council’s Trade Waste or Pollution Control Officers on – 07 348 4199 or email Engineering Service’s Pollution Control at

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