Stormwater Connections and Disconnections

Applying for a new connection
  • Submit a completed stormwater application form to Council
  • Enclose a site plan of your property, showing the preferred location of the connection and measurements to the nearest boundary.
  • Enclose the administration fee of $92. An administration fee is not charged when an existing service connection is available at the property.
  • Council will assess your application within five days of receipt.
After the connection is approved

You will receive written approval including a list of Council-approved contractors and any other necessary documentation. You may then obtain quotations and/ or engage a contractor.

Costs and timeframes
The cost of the connection will depend on the work involved. You need to arrange payment directly with your contractor.
If work is required on a public sewer under a footpath or road, the contractor must submit a Road Corridor Access Request form to obtain a road opening permit before work can commence. This can take up to 15 days from the date of application.

 Stormwater Application Fee (PDF 394KB)

Applying for a Disconnection
A ‘Request for Service Disconnection’ form is required for all Service Disconnections, i.e. All or any service no longer required due to demolition or removal of a building, subdivision or redevelopment.
  • Submit a completed Request for Service Disconnection form to Council
  • Council will process the request within five days of receipt
  • You will receive an approval notice together with any supporting documentation that may be required
  • You are then able to arrange the work to be done directly with your contractor

Capped ends are to be inspected by a Rotorua Lakes Council compliance engineer

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