Rubbish and recycling for businesses

Rotorua Lakes Council offers an equivalent waste collection service for commercial properties. Commercial Equivalent Collection is the same as that provided to residential households and commercial properties which elect to use this service will receive the following bins for their rubbish and recycling needs:

  • 140 litre Red Bin for household rubbish (Kerbside collected weekly)
  • 240 litre Yellow Bin –Recycling paper / plastics / tin (Kerbside collected fortnightly)
  • 45 litre Light Blue Crate – glass recycling clear / brown / green (Kerbside collected fortnightly)

The same vehicles and systems that collect residential recycling and waste will collect the Commercial Equivalent so commercial operators can benefit from the reduced collections' cost.

Please note that this service cannot be started mid year or charged on a pro rata basis. Commercial operators that do not elect to use the Commercial Equivalent Service will pay the Availability Charge. The Availability Charge is half of the Waste Levy and contributes to common waste collection services such as public litter bins.​

Page reviewed: 13 Dec 2017 1:36pm