Rural rubbish and recycling extension

As of 28 June 2018 Rotorua Lakes Councillors officially adopted the 2018-2028 Long-term Plan which includes the introduction of roadside rubbish and recycling services in some rural communities.

Waste minimisation and sustainable waste services have been top priorities identified by Council within Vision 2030 and the district’s Waste Strategy, which was adopted by Council in 2016.

Council’s aim is to provide, where possible, every dwelling in the district with access to waste and recycling services so through direct consultation in 2016 and 2017 with rural communities, the 2018-2018 Long-term Plan consultation and discussions with the Rotorua Rural Community Board it has been determined that the majority of rural residents want access to convenient and efficient rubbish and recycling services.

So what is going to happen?

As set out in the 2018-2028 Long-term Plan Council will be providing the same service as the current urban system being; a 140 litre general rubbish wheelie bin, a 240 litre recycling wheelie bin and a 45 litre crate for glass.

Like the urban system, general rubbish will be collected weekly and recycling will be collected fortnightly. All instructions for how to use the service will be provided in a booklet with the bins.

Who gets the extended service?

Properties in the Rerewhakaaitu, Reporoa and Waikite Valley areas which currently do not receive a kerb or roadside rubbish and recycling service.

When does it start?

Wheelie bin deliveries are expected to begin from 16 July 2018. This is so the contractors have time to sticker the bins, assemble them and get the information packs attached.

The collections will take place from 1 August 2018.


What is the cost?

The cost of the service is being equalised so every  dwelling across the district that receives the service is charged the same going forward.

2018/2019 rates

  • Ratepayers with existing services – from 1 July 2018 = $172.75 plus GST (full year)
  • Ratepayers receiving new extended service – from 1 August 2018 = $143.38 plus GST (part year)

Where do I put my bins?

Please place your bins at the roadside in the spot where they were delivered to you. This is because the trucks collect on their left in the direction of the traffic flow.

Due to the direction of the truck's collection route it may only service one side of the road in some places. This means some resident's bins will be emptied from the opppsite side of the road to where they live.

In places where it is not possible to service delivery at the gate, best alternative placement of bins will be discussed with the householder.

I’m a rural resident but not in these areas – what do I do with my rubbish now?

While consultation was ongoing rural residents were offered a temporary service whereby official council rubbish bags could be dropped at the Rotorua Landfill free of charge. This service was in place until 30 June 2017 but was extended to 30 June 2018.

During the rounds of consultation it was made clear that once a final decision had been made as to the extension of services the interim service would stop.

If you were using the interim service and are not in an area that will be receiving a roadside service you will need to make your own arrangements for waste disposal at a transfer station, at the landfill or using a private service. Alternatively, you can speak to Council’s waste team to see if there are other options available to you.

Are all roads in the extended areas being serviced?

No. Smart Enivronmental trucks are not able to service unsealed roads or places where there is no safe turning options. Council and Smart Environmental are committed to working with residents to see if there are alternative options in these areas.



Page reviewed: 13 Jul 2018 4:42pm