Rating Information Database

​​​You can use this database to:

  • Find rating and valuation information about any property in the Rotorua District, using either the property’s physical address or valuation roll number.

  • Produce a location map of the property by selecting this option.

The database does not include owner/ratepayer names, postal addresses, or details of the current rates position.

Rotorua Lakes Council Rating Information Database (RID)

Regional rating and valuation information

The Rotorua District falls into two regions – Bay of Plenty and Waikato.

Rating Information Database for Environment Waikato (RID)

For details on the Bay of Plenty Regional Council  Rating Information Database, phone 0800 368 267

Keeping the database up to date

If you find incorrect information, please notify Council by sending an email to rates.office@rotorualc.nz

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