Rates for 2018/19 year

To find out more about your rates view the 2018 /28 Long-Term Plan and your rates brochure online or download the PDF.

What services do rates cover?

Council rates are among the few revenue sources local authorities can use to fund services to their communities. Other sources of income include trading revenue, fees and charges, subsidies and grants.

How your rates are spent 


Check your rates and property details

You can find rating and valuation information about any property in the Rotorua District, using either the property’s physical address or valuation roll number on council's Rating Information Database. 

Rates invoices by email

There is now an option to receive rates assessment and invoices by email rather than by regular mail. This should be useful for overseas-based and other non-resident property owners. 
Visit the Rates by Email Registration page to register for this service. 

Avoiding late payment penalties

A 10% penalty applies to any part of a quarterly rates invoice not paid by the due date specified on that invoice. The final payment dates for each quarter of the 2018/19 rating year are 20 August 2018, 20 November 2018, 20 February 2019, and 20 May 2019.

How you can pay

Rates can be paid by:

  • direct debit
  • online (Bill Payer function)
  • automatic payment
  • at the Rotorua Lakes Council Civic Centre (by EFTPOS, cheque or cash)
  • posting a cheque
  • credit card (online only – bank fee applies).

Rates rebate

The Government Rates Rebate scheme provides a rebate of up to $630 for low income property owners who were paying rates for the home in which they were living on 1 July 2018. Eligibility for a rebate is an annual income of no more than $25,180. However, even if the income exceeds this amount, a ratepayer may still be entitled to a rebate, depending on the total amount of their rates and the number of dependents they have.

Application forms are available from the Customer Centre at Rotorua Lakes Council’s Civic Centre, or they can be downloaded from the website ratesrebates.govt.nz 

An application needs to be made to Rotorua Lakes Council, providing accurate information about income (and that of any spouse/partner, or joint home owner, who lives with the ratepayer) for the tax year ended 31 March 2018. A copy of regional council rates invoice is also required if this has been received separately. Rebates are not applicable if the property is a farm; is used principally for commercial, industrial or business purposes; if it is a rental property; if a rebate has already been applied for in the current rating year; or if the applicant does not qualify as the legal ratepayer. ​​

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