Land Information Memoranda (LIM)

​​Ordering a LIM

A Land Information Memoranda (LIM) is a report that is prepared by a Territorial Authority (in this case the Rotorua Lakes Council) in relation to matters affecting land and buildings on a particular property.

LIM information includes:

  • Any special feature of the land including potential erosion, falling debris, sinking, slipping,
    silting or build-up of land, flooding, or likely hazardous pollutants known to the Council.
  • Private and public drains and easements known to Council.
  • Rateable valuation of the property and rates struck and owing for the current year,
    Note: this will also include water rates where applicable.
  • Council consents, certificates, notices, orders and requisitions affecting the land
    and any buildings on that land.
  • Zoning of the property and a copy of the Planning Map relating to that Zone,
    advising how the land can be used.
  • Certificates issued by a building certifier.
  • Any information that has been submitted to Council by other outside statutory organisations or network utility operators relating to the site or general locality.
    Note: A Land Information Memorandum does not include any site inspections. 

How do I request a LIM? 

Choose one of the following options​:

  • Complete and submit an online LIM application (if paying by Credit Card). 
  • Alternatively download a LIM application form, complete in full, post with payment or alternatively, leave the completed application form (with payment) at our Customer Service Centre. 
  • Applications may also be made by fax or email, however, action will not commence until the fee is receipted by Council.

Request a LIM online (credit card payments only)​

Download a LIM application ​form

​Deliver to:​​Post to: ​​Fax to:​​Email to:​
LIM Coordinator
Customer Centre
Civic Centre
1061 Haupapa Street
LIM Coordinator
Rotorua Lakes Council
Private Bag 3029
Rotorua Mail Centre
Rotorua 3046​
 07 346

LIM fees

Current charges:

Residential ​$228 (Includes GST)
​Commercial (includes farms)$280​ (Includes GST)
  • A $50 cancellation fee will apply if the application is cancelled within 24 hours, however, if cancelled after 24 hours then no refund will be given.​
  • Applications will not be processed until the fee is receipted by Council. ​

How can I pay for a​​​ Land Information Memorandum (LIM) application? 

Rotorua Lakes Council’s payment options are:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Eftpos
  • Credit Card (Amex is not accepted) – Also accepted by phone
  • Internet Banking - contact Council for set-up instruction.

How long does it take​​ to process a LIM?

The Rotorua Lakes Council has ten (10) working days from date of receipt to action and complete a LIM.

Please note, Rotorua Lakes Council shall not commence action on a LIM if:

  • Incorrect payment or non-payment​ is received.
  • Incorrect or insufficient information is received. Council will advise you of this,
    and your LIM will not proceed until such time as all information requested has been received. 

Please note Christmas & New Year non-working days for LIMs

In accordance with the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (as amended in March 2019) non-working days are the period commencing with 20 December in any year and ending with 10 January the following year.

Further info​​rmation:

Should you require more information, please contact the LIM Administrator at 07 348 4199

The completed LIM report will be provided electronically by email, unless the applicant has no email address in which case alternative arrangements can be made, please contact a Customer Advisor to discuss delivery or collection of a hard copy.

Page reviewed: 13 Mar 2020 9:00am