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20 April 2015 - Changes for those using Google Chrome

Google Chrome has stopped supporting the Silverlight plugin in their browser which is what our online mapping systems  runs on. See further information here:

In case anyone wants to carry on using Geocortex on Chrome there is a work around.

Due to the complexity of the workaround it is not recommended for the average user. The workaround will also only be useful until September anyway when the plugin will not be able to be loaded at all due the changes being implemented by Google..


Basically you have to enter this into your browser:


and click on enable

Close the browser, start it again and then re-enable the plugin for the site as per what you have had to do since Jan.


1 December 2013 - Breaking News!!

New version of Geyserview ready now!. 

We still want your your feedback on it!

G4 Screenshots


GeyserView 4, one of the new applications in from the new G4 Family of apps is live.

Feedback is still welcomed.

To use it you will need to have the Microsoft Silverlight plugin installed. We are intending to have an HTML5 version available but it is not ready for consumption yet.


A selection of Spatial Data is now able to be downloaded.

Using Data Download from the new G4 Family of apps, you are able to download council data including Aerial Photography from 2011, Lidar (Point elevation data) and Water asset data.  

In the app you can select an area, confirm the available data for that area and choose what data you want to be supplied and in what format.  The request will be processed and a link to download will be sent to your entered email address.  If the area you are after is over the size limit set for the servers you will be given the option to email and organise delivery via another method e.g. on a memory stick / hard drive supplied by you.


View Aerial Photography by Year of Capture

The  Aerial Viewer enable the viewing of aerial photography from 2001, 2006, 2011. The aerials are not stored as a pre-drawn bundle as they are in GeyserView 4 but rather in separate layers giving the most flexibility to see the changes by Year of Capture. 

AerialViewer Screenshots 

Please note that there is a performance penalty with this option however.


GeyserView 3  - Decommisioned 30th November 2013

Please select one of the applications above.

GeyserView (Rotorua Lakes Council's GIS map viewer) provides access to interactive map based information about the Rotorua District.  With the viewer you can:

  • find property and rates information
  • view property and road boundaries
  • view piped assets such as water pipes, manholes, hydrants, catchpits and valves
  • view aerial photography most recently taken in March 2006 for the Environment Bay of Plenty Regional Council portion of our district and January 2001 for the Environment Waikato Regional Council portion of our district
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