District Plan Maps

​​​Maps cover the entire district and are made up of four series of maps:  Strategic Map series, Special Interest series, Urban (300) series and Rural (500) series.  In addition there are a set of sheet index maps, a guide to reading and interpreting the maps, a full map series legend and a street index. The terms LF and RF refer to Left Facing map and Right Facing map respectively.

Note: The maps are in Portable Document Format (PDF), which is supported by most PCs' and Macs' today. FREE Adobe Reader Version X or later is required to view the PDF files on this website. If you do not have Adobe Reader or have an earlier version installed on your PC please dow​​​nload​ Adobe Reader and follow the installation instructions on the Adobe website. If you use Mozilla Firefox as your preferred browser you will need to ensure you are using version 33.1.​​

Strategic Maps

 101 Strategic Overview LF 
 101 Strategic Overview RF 
 102 Employment Zones LF 
 102 Urban Living RF 
 103 Economic Dr​ivers LF 
 103 Future Growth RF 
 104 Natural Heritage Areas LF  
 104 District Reserves RF 

Special Series Maps  

 201 Marae of the Rotorua District LF 
 201 Marae of the Rotorua District RF 
 202 Special features of the Ohinemutu Village LF 
 202 Special features of the Whakarewarewa Village RF 
 203 Identified Areas for Esplanade Reserve Acquisition LF 
 203 Identified Areas for Esplanade Reserve Acquisition RF 
 204 City Centre Service Lanes LF 
 204 City Centre Zones RF 
 205 Rotorua Rural Road Hierarchy LF​​
 205 Rotorua Urban Road Hierarchy​ RF
 206 City Entranceways​ LF
 206 City Entranceways RF
 207 Rotorua Airport Clearance to Obstacle Limitation Surface​ LF
 207 Rotorua Airport Noise Control Contours​ RF
 208 Lake Rotorua Flood Level​ LF
 208 Lake Rotoiti Flood Level​ RF
 209 Areas of Soft Ground Potential​ LF
 209 Areas of Soft Ground Potential​ RF
 210 Areas of Potential Fault Line Impact​ LF
 210 Areas of Potential Fault Line Impact​ RF
 211 Areas of Landslide Potential​ LF
 211 Areas of Landslide Potential​ RF
 212 Geothermal Systems of the Rotorua District LF
 212 Geothermal Systems of the Rotorua District​ RF
 213 Mighty River Power - Waikato River Operating Easements​ LF
 213 Mighty River Power - Waikato River Operating Easements​ RF
 214 Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes ​LF
 214 Mamaku Tors​ RF
 215 Special Land Features of Ngāpun​a LF
 215 Lake Rotorua Caldera Rim Sensitive Areas​ RF​

Urban 300 and Rural 500 Series Maps

 Sheet Index (Maps 301 - 547)

How to find a map

To open a map by location:

  • Open the Sheet Index
  • Locate the area you require
  • Click at that location
  • This will open the relevant map. Note that this pdf has 5 pages. Introduction, Map Guide, Legend, Left facing map, Right facing map
  • Alternatively you can also move to an adjoining sheet by clicking on the "See Map #" text.

How to read your map

  • The left facing (LF) map on page 4 shows specific features/constraints with possible planning implications such as the location of designated public works, important landscape features, significant natural areas, heritage sites and notable trees
  • The right facing (RF) map on page 5 shows zoning.

Map Guide

 A Guide to Reading the Maps​
 Map Book Introduction​
 Street Index​ A - H
 Street Index H - P
 Street Index P - Y​

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