Lakes A Zone Maps

​​Using the Rotorua District planning maps

Maps relevant to the Rotorua District Plan (parts 1 to 19), Maps relevant to the Lakes A Zone (Variation 12)

  • You can open any map shown on the index map by clicking on the map number
  • You can return to the index map (home map) by clicking on the Council logo found in the top corner of the map you have opened
  • We have provided links where references are made to adjoining maps
  • The index ma​p shows the Lakes A Zone within a dark boundary line in the east of the district
  • Lake Tarawera is central to the Lakes A Zone.Several maps have both left- and right-hand versions 
    The right-hand version shows the operative zoning information
  • The area referred to is the Lakes A Zone. Follow the links to the relevant Lakes A Zone map.​

Lakes A Zone Maps

The planning maps for the Lakes A Zone contain left- and right-hand series. You should read these maps together.

The constraints maps show information on matters such as recommended areas for protection, designations, scenic road buffer requirements, archaeological sites, Maori reserves, speed restriction areas and access lanes on lakes.

The policy series maps show the policy area that applies to each parcel of land. The five policy areas are Protection, Sensitive Rural, Less Sensitive Rural, Settlement and Bush Settlement.

 Declaration and Common Seal 1 (PDF 19KB)
 Lakes A Maps Contents (PDF 282KB)
 Lakes A Maps Legend (PDF 440KB)
 Lakes A Maps Street Index (PDF 285KB)
 Lakes A Maps Overview (PDF 951KB)
 Lakes A Maps Schedule of Viewpoints (PDF 48KB)
 Lakes A Maps Structure Plan for Bush Settlements Map1 (PDF 336KB)
 Lakes A Maps Structure Plan for Bush Settlements Map2 (PDF 302KB)
 Lakes A Maps Structure Plan for Bush Settlements Map3 (PDF 317KB)
 Lakes A Maps Structure Plan Tangata Whenua Map4 (PDF 283KB)
 Lakes A Maps Structure Plan Tangata Whenua Map5 (PDF 241KB)

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