District Plan


The Resource Management Act 1991 requires Local authorities to have a district plan to manage the physical and natural environment. This plan contains guidance and rules about new developments and the use of land and buildings.

The plan sets out what activities do or don't need a resource consent, and sets the standards that must be met for certain types of activities. The plan also sets what activities can be done as of right.

If a building or activity doesn't comply with the current district plan you will need to apply for a land use resource consent. Also, if you would like to create a new section from an existing section or need to adjust the boundary of your property you need a subdivision resource consent.

The Operative District Plan is the plan enacted on 10 July 2016. 

Please note, the following operative plan changes have been incorporated into the District Plan text below:

  • Plan Change 1: Minor Changes
  • Plan Change 4: Noise
  • Plan Change 5: Signs and Miscellaneous Changes
  • Plan Change 6: Holiday Rentals

The following plan changes have not yet been incorporated into the District Plan:

  • Plan Change 3: Significant Natural Areas

View the District Plan changes

District Plan - Parts 1 to 17

View th​e District Plan changes

District Plan - Appendices 1 to 11

Lakes A Zone - Part 11

Part 11 relates to a number of lakes to the east of the Rotorua CBD called the Lakes A Zone. 
It consists of two volumes of text and a set of planning maps.

Volume 1 - Sections 1 - 10
Volume 2 - Section 11 - Appendices

District Plan and Lakes A Zone Maps

The maps show the location of the various zones within the district.

District Plan Maps

Statutory Acknowledgements in the Rotorua District

Other relevant documents:

The Kaituna Document see page 11 of the Kaituna River Document for the area which is influenced by the document. Note, resource consent applications within this area 'must have regard' to the Kaituna River Document. 

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