Publicly Notified Resource Consents

Submissions have now closed (Friday 11 October 2019).

The information below has been included for information purposes only. 


Section 95A  Resource Management Act 1991

Okere Adventures Limited has applied to Rotorua Lakes Council for resource consent to construct and operate a Zipline within the Okere Falls Scenic Reserve and adjacent rural land to the east. The Okere Falls Scenic Reserve is approximately 20.5km north of Rotorua.​
The zipline activity is located within the Reserve 1, Water 1 and Rural 1 zones under the Operative District Plan where Commercial Outdoor Recreation is a Discretionary activity. However, the overall activity status of the application is non-complying given that the site for the proposed car park north of the Rotorua Rafting base is zoned Rural 1 and the activity is not expressly listed in Table 9.5 of the Operative District Plan.
The application includes an assessment of environmental effects, a visual impact assessment, a noise assessment, an ecological assessment and details of the proposal. The application may be inspected at the Customer Centre of the Rotorua Lakes Council, 1061 Haupapa Street, Rotorua, during office hours and on the Council website Please contact the Duty Planner at Council on (07) 348 4199 if you have any questions about the application.
Any person may make a submission on the application​. You may do so by sending a written submission to the Rotorua Lakes Council, Private Bag 3029, Rotorua.
It is preferable that your submission be completed on Form 13. Copies of this form are available from the Rotorua Lakes Council, 1061 Haupapa Street, Rotorua, or on the Council website.
Submissions close at 5pm on: Friday 11 October 2019​
As well as providing your submission to Council, a copy should be served on the applicant as soon as reasonably practicable. The applicants address for service is:
Cheal Consultants Limited
PO Box 396
Attention: Sarah Hunt
Dated at Rotorua 14 September 2016
G Williams
Chief Executive​​

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