Publicly Notified Resource Consents


Section 95A  Resource Management Act 1991

RC16650 - Okere Adventures Limited

Okere Adventures Limited has applied to Rotorua Lakes Council for resource consent to construct and operate a Zip Line within the Okere Falls Scenic Reserve and adjacent rural land to the east. The Okere Falls Scenic Reserve is approximately 20.5km north of Rotorua by road.​

The application was publicly notified on 14 September 2019 and at the closing of the submissions on the 11 October 2019, twenty-one submissions were received. A Late submission was received on the 29 October 2019 bringing the total submissions to twenty-two. The submissions raised a variety of matters with 8 submissions in opposition and 14 in support.

In response to the submissions and a pre-hearing meeting (2 December 2019), the applicant made amendments to the application. The amended application was submitted to council 19 December 2019 for consideration. In addition to this, the Council engaged Boffa Miskel to peer review the Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment.

Council has now prepared a Planner Report detailing its assessment of the application. This report does not represent any decision on the application and it only provides the professional assessment and opinions of the report's author. ​

Planner's Report

RC16650 – s42A Planner Report – Okere Adventure Limited - 3 April 2020.pdf
RC16650 - Okere Adventure Limited - Appendix 1.pdf
RC16650 - Okere Adventure Limited - Appendix 2.pdf
RC16650 - Okere Adventure Limited - Appendix 3.pdf
RC16650 - Okere Adventure Limited - Appendix 4 - 7.pdf
RC16650 - Okere Adventure Limited - Appendix 8 - 11.pdf
RC16650 - Okere Adventure Limited - Appendix 12 - 14.pdf
RC16650 - Okere Adventure Limited - Appendix 15 - 18.pdf

Applicant's Evidence

Evidence in chief of Dave Mansergh - R3_200408.pdf
Evidence Zipline - Rotorua Lakes Council Hearing.pdf

Submitter's Evidence​

RC16550 - Submitter Supplementary Material.pdf
RC 16650 - TMoK submitter evidence - RLC resource consent hearing Okere Adventures Limited.pdf

Decision and Conditions of Consent

The Planner's Report has been considered by an Independent Commissioner in conjunction with all other technical evidence and submissions which have been received in relation to the application. The Planner's Report does not have greater weight than any other material or submissions that may be presented and considered by the Commissioner. ​

RC16650 - Okere Adventures Limited - Decision.pdf
RC16650 - Okere Adventures Limited - Conditions.pdf

It is worth noting, an application to the Department of Conservation to operate the activity within the reserve has also been lodged and a public notification process (although separate) has run concurrently. At the time of writing this report, the outcome of the DOC concession has not been determined.

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