Planning Applications, Brochures and Guides

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​General Brochures 

 What is the District Plan?
 Planning f​ees and charges - 2020/2021​

In addition to Council’s brochures, Ministry for the Environment (MFE) has a series of guides in their ‘Everyday Guide to the Resource Management Act Series’.  Copies are available from Council’s Customer Centre or from MFE’s website:

Guides in this series include:

1.1   Getting in on the Act
1.2   Resolving Resource Management Act Concerns
1.3   Enforcement
1.4   National Level Guidance and Processes
2.1   Applying for a Resource Consent
2.2   Consultation for Resource Consent Applicants
3.1   Your Rights as an ‘Affected Person’
3.2   Making a Submission about a Resource Consent
3.3   Appearing at a Council Resource Consent Hearing
4.1   The Designation Process
5.1   Making a Submission on a Proposed Plan or Plan Change
5.2   Appearing at a Council Plan or Plan Change Hearing
6.1   Your Guide to the Environment Court
6.2   You, Mediation and the Environment Court
6.3   The Environment Court: Awarding and Securing Costs


Lakes A zone

 Lakes A Zone Design Guide for Buildings
 Lakes A Zone Revegetation Guide

Proposed Rotorua District Plan

 Invest and do Business  
 Live, Work and Play 
 Enhancing Water Quality 
 What is the District Plan

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