General Information on Licensing
Council issues licences for a range of activities and occupations, including:
  • Camping grounds
  • Food premises
  • Funeral directing
  • Hairdressing premises
  • Market stall operators - means any non-mobile stall that operated only at the Kuirau market, lakefront market or Rotorua night market.
  • Mobile shop means a vehicle, whether self propelled or not, from which goods or merchandise are offered for sale. The vehicle can be parked in an approved area for extended periods and may trade at one-off events with invitation by the event organisers.
  • One-off events require a separate licence and an invitation by the event organisers.
  • Hawkers, itinerant traders - means any person who carries or takes with him/her goods or merchandise for sale and normally trades house. to house. It does not include any person who uses any vehicles as a mobile or travelling shop.
  • Itinerant traders - includes any person who has not been a permanent resident in Rotorua for a continuous period for six months and carries on or engages in any business for sort term sale of goods or merchandise within the Rotorua District. Ie temporary factory sale shop or promotion sale.
  • Liquor sales

If you intend to carry out any of these activities or occupations, contact us to discuss licensing requirements.

You will also need to apply for a permit to operate any of these activities in a public place:

Application Forms

More information

Fixed food premises

Mobile shops, Market, one-off and fundraising stalls



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