Applying for a Managers/Temporary Managers Licenses

Managers License

Please enclose the following:

  • Relevant application form

 Manager's Certificate Application (PDF 465KB)
 Renewal of Manager's Certificate Application (PDF 468KB)
 Club Manager's LCQ requirements (PDF 80KB)
 LCQ Bridging Test Brochure (PDF 312KB)
 Notice of Management Change (PDF 82KB)

  • Evidence of any previous experience
  • Proof of training undertaken to achieve the Licence Controller Qualification
  • Evidence of support from the licensed premises you intend to manage (if this is your intention)
  • A character reference from someone able to verify that you are suitable to hold a manager’s certificate 
  • (If you were not born in New Zealand) proof of your right to be working in New Zealand, such as
  • Copy of valid passport with a current work permit/visa 
  • Evidence that you have been granted permanent residency 
  • Evidence that you have New Zealand citizenship
  • Other documentation to satisfy the above requirement
  • The appropriate fee.
Send your application, and a copy of the application to:

Rotorua District Licensing Agency
c/- Rotorua Lakes Council
Private Bag 3029
Rotorua Mail Centre
Rotorua 3046

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