Liquor Ban Bylaw

​​​The Liquor Ban By-Law was introduced by Council and bans liquor being openly consumed in the Central Business District and in some surrounding areas (refer map), but makes exceptions for special licences and al fresco dining. It is enforced by the Police.
Sale of Liquor Policy

Council implemented its sale of liquor policy in 2002.
The aim of the Rotorua Lakes Council Public Places Liquor Control Bylaw 2009 is to allow the control of liquor in public places.
Maps Liquor Bylaw will affect
Suburban shopping centres:

 Kawaha Point (PDF 271KB) 
 Koutu (PDF 271KB) 
 Mt View Drive (PDF 287KB) 
 Pleasant Heights (PDF 299KB) 
 Selwyn Heights (PDF 287KB)  
 Western Heights (PDF 299KB)

Parks and reserves

 Aorangi Reserve (PDF 340KB)
 Bloomfield Street Reserve (PDF 363KB)  
 Boielle Park Reserve (PDF 340KB) 
 Fairview Road Reserve (PDF 632KB) 
 Haumoana Street Lakefront Reserve (PDF 304KB) 
 Homedale Street Reserve (PDF 356KB) 
 Jade Place Reserve (PDF 350KB) 
 Karenga Park Reserve (PDF 363KB) 
 Karenga Street Lakefront Reserve (PDF 292KB) 
 Linton Park Reserve (PDF 356KB) 
 Linton Street East (PDF 378KB)
 Manahi Crescent Reserve (PDF 292KB) 
 Mangakakahi Stream Reserve (PDF 350KB)  
 Park Road Reserve (PDF 378KB) 
 Rowi Street Reserve (PDF 370KB) 
 Steeles Lane Reserve (PDF 304KB) 
 Turner Drive Reserve (PDF 370KB) 
 Werrina Crescent Reserve (PDF 632KB)

Roads, Reserves and Carparks - Ngongotaha

 Elliot Park Reserve (PDF 310KB) 
 Hall Road (PDF 349KB) 
 Jessie Martin Park (PDF 361KB)
 Ngongotaha Hall Reserve (PDF 325KB)
 Ngongotaha Public Carpark (PDF 310KB)
 Ngongotaha Road (PDF 349KB)
 Taui Street (PDF 326KB)
 Western Road (PDF 326KB)
 Western Road Reserve (PDF 361KB) 
 Western Road Scout Hall Reserve (PDF 325KB)


 Ariariterangi Street (PDF 296KB) 
 Kiharoa Street (PDF 279KB) 
 Korokai Street (PDF 279KB) 
 Makitauna Street (PDF 283KB)
 Mataiawhea Street (PDF 296KB) 
 Tunohopu Street (PDF 283KB)

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