Fire Permits


A restricted fire season is in place in the Rotorua district.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand declares a restricted fire season effective from 1 October 2018 (except for urban areas).

See for the season status or call 0800 658 628 

Restricted Fire Season

A restricted fire season means fire permits are required for all rural fires and may come with burning conditions.  

A restricted fire season operates from 1 October to 30 April each year (depending on weather conditions at the time - these dates can be extended at short notice) in the rural area of the Rotorua District.

Rural Area Restricted Fire Season 

  • 1 October to 30 April. 
  • Permits are required for the lighting of all open air fires in rural area s. (This does not include: incinerator fires, barbecues and hangi). 
  • Apply via Pumicelands website for a permit. Make sure your fire is ready to burn when you make the application online.
  • Allow one week's time for officers to inspect your prepared fire site.

Urban Area Open Fire Season 

  • Open fires are not permitted on an urban property.
  • Braziers, gas BBQs, pizza ovens, smokers and hangi are permitted fire types (don't need a permit)
  • Permitted fire types can be restricted or prohibited, depending on the fire environment conditions, particularly in mid to late summer.

Fire and Smoke Nuisance

  • The irresponsible and u​ncontrolled burning of rubbish in the urban environment may cause severe smoke pollution nuisance.
  • Fire safety considerations require you to control fires in the open air. 

Prohibited Fire Season 

  • Will be publicly advertised if imposed. 
  • Lighting fires in the open air is prohibited throughout Rotorua District during a prohibited fire season. 
  • Anybody exposing forest and property to loss by fire is liable to prosecution and to action for recovery of any damages caused.

New Fire Permit

When the season opens (1 October) you can apply for a permit online using the Pumicelands website.

If you have any difficulty filling out the online form contact the Rotorua Pumicelands office on phone:
07 349 2795 

Fire Permit Extension

After your initial Fire Permit is granted you just need to apply for an extension for each following month. You Apply for a fire permit extension

  1. There must be no changes from the original fire permit. 
  2. You must apply for a NEW fire permit if there are changes to the location, size of fire, or types of fuel.
  3.  Allow up to 7 working days for 'Extension' to be issued.  You will be notified via email or post.
  4. If you have lost your original fire permit, indicate below and we will re-send a copy.  The original fire permit must be produced on demand when requested by a Fire Officer or member of Police. 
  5. During the "Restricted Fire Season" (1 Oct – 30 April) you must contact Pumiceland
  6. on 07 349 2795
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