Parking Infringement Explanation Form

​A parking enforcement officer will issue an infringement notice when the user of a motor vehicle has committed an offence. 

A ticket is legally served when it is:

  • Placed under the vehicle’s windscreen wiper.
  • Handed to the driver.
  • Posted to the last known registered address.

If you pay the infringement fee within 28 days of the issue of the notice, Council will not take further action.

Disputing an infringement

  • If you wish to deny the offence or explain why you committed the offence, you must contact Council, in writing or on the i-Park website​​, within 28 days. You may choose to have the matter heard in Court. 
  • If your explanation is not accepted you will be sent a letter outlining any further options you may have before the matter is lodged in the Court. 
  • If the matter isn't settled in some way within 28 days, a reminder notice will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. 

If, after another 28 days, the matter still hasn't been settled, the issuing authority will usually lodge the matter with the Court as an unpaid infringement fee. Additional costs will be added to the original fine.

Note: If you have been wrongly infringed for not displaying a current r​egistration or Warrant of Fitness please supply proof of the current registration or Warrant of Fitness.

Important - please read the following:

  • If your infringement notice looks like the following, then you need to visit the i-Park website to pay or dispute your infringement online: 

Pay or dispute via the i-Park website (new method of paying or disputing online)

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