Parking in Rotorua’s inner city

Rotorua Lakes Council currently operates a ‘user-pays’ parking system in our inner city.

The parking tariff in our core CBD is $1 per hour, with free P60 parking on most of Tutanekai Street, and some adjoining streets. Select Pink Zones offer $0.50 per hour parking and these zones are intended for inner city workers. Other areas offer free time restricted parking, paid time restricted parking, all day paid parking and free all day parking. Free P15 parking spaces are also located throughout the inner city for quick stops.

Our parking system and enforcement services are managed on Council’s behalf by our agent i-Park, who have supplied ‘Pay-by-Plate’ parking technology. This means you enter your vehicle’s license plate into a nearby yellow parking machine, select and pay for the amount of time you’d like to park for, and then walk away. The system is paperless and you do not have to display a receipt on your dashboard.

Rotorua’s parking policy, which includes the setting of the parking fees (e.g. hourly rate), remains with Council. 

An information brochure about how to use the machines is available below. 
Alternatively you can use the PrestoPark parking app to pay for your parking. Learn more about this here.​

A map showing where our free P60 parks are, where our parking building is located and where the payment machines are located is also available below. 

The CBD is split into a Green Zone and a Blue Zone (also shown in map below). In these zones are a mixture of free and paid parking. If parking in the Green zone, you can pay once and move around within the Green zone until the time you have paid for runs out. The same applies to the Blue Zone. Within these zones you must still abide by time restrictions stated on parking signs. Select Pink Zones offer $0.50 per hour parking and these zones are intended for inner city workers. ​​

How to use the parking machines​​

View a larger version of t​he map here

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