State of the Environment

​​​​​Monitoring and reporting on Rotorua's state of the environment
'Manaaki whenua, manaaki tangata, haere whakamua - Care for the land, care for people, go forward'

A new approach to reporting

Rotorua's State of the Environment reporting is now available online. All indicators are grouped under three main themes: Sustainable Environment, Sustainable Economy, and Sustainable Infrastructure. These themes reflect Council’s strategic direction in growing a sustainable Rotorua. Subthemes group related indicators together to provide a bigger picture of environmental effects and trends over time. A fourth theme, Lakes A Zone reports specifically on the Lakes A Zone of the district.  All indicators are updated at regular intervals when data becomes available.

In addition to indicators a number of documents and reports are available online. The information contained in the documents and reports inform the state of the environment indicators. 

Previous reports can be found by clicking here. No further reports will be published in hard copy, however online reporting may be downloaded for printing as required.

Page reviewed: 05 Nov 2020 3:22pm