Vegetation in the settlement zones of Lakes A


What is being monitored?

Anticipated Environmental Result:
  • Sustained population levels at the settlements whilst maintaining the natural character of the Lakes A Zone.
  • To biennially monitor the percentage of indigenous vegetative cover in the settlement zones through the use of aerial photography.

Purpose of monitoring

This indicator monitors changes to indigenous vegetation cover within the Lakes A settlement zones. The intention of the bush settlement and settlement zones is to provide a residential living environment that has a natural character contiguous with the wider Lakes A Zone, including indigenous vegetation and habitats.


Reports available

2012 Aerial photography analysis of indigenous vegetation and land use in the Lakes A Zone

Current trends

The report above analyses indigenous vegetation cover within the settlement and bush settlement zones of the Lakes A. It describes changes observed between 2006 and 2010/11 from aerial photography.

In general there was an increase in indigenous vegetation in the settlement areas of Lakes A Zone from 2006 to 2011. In the ‘bush settlement’ indigenous vegetation area the increase was from 60.3 ha to 63.9 ha (total of 3.6 ha increase). There was no change to either of the Tarawera or Okareka settlement areas (shown together as settlement in Table 1), with a total of 20.3 ha. A gross increase (with no decrease/loss) in indigenous vegetation in the settlement zones indicates that the intention of the Lakes A Zone policies is being achieved in the settlement areas.

A small decrease in indigenous vegetation (0.8 ha) was detected in the ‘less sensitive rural’ area. This shows that while there has been some loss of vegetation in the Lakes A Zone it has not occurred in the settlement areas. The location and cause of this loss will need to be examined further as the intention of the rules of the Lakes A Zone are to retain indigenous vegetation. (Note: the study was done at a scale of 1:10,000. Some changes may not be detectable at this scale).

An excerpt from the report says:

"Indigenous vegetation within the settlements in the Lakes A Zone has remained stable between 2006 and 2011.

In summary:

There was no change to indigenous vegetation extent in the settlement areas;

There was a slight increase (3.6 ha) of indigenous vegetation in the Bush Settlement area."

"Overall, indigenous vegetation increased within the management zones. There was a slight decrease in indigenous vegetation in the Less Sensitive Rural Zone, with increases or no change in all other zones."

Table 1. Summary of changes in extent of indigenous vegetation cover within Lakes A Zone Management areas between 2006 and 2010/11. (Note: figures are rounded to one decimal point)

To view the full report click here.


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