Urban land and amenity

Over 80% of Rotorua’s population live in the urban area. Most businesses, homes, subdivision and building activity take place in this area. Indicators presented in this section keep track of trends in the built and natural environments within the urban area.
​Indicators Availability ​Annually
​Urban subdivision ​September 2012 ​Annually
​Neighbourhood reserves in the urban area ​Available ​Annually
​Residential development ​September 2012 ​Census year
​New buildings ​September 2012 ​Annually
​Noise levels and noise complaints in the residential area ​Available ​5-yearly
Environmental compliance​ ​June 2012 ​Annually
​Air quality ​Available ​Annually
Landcover change ​September 2012 ​5-yearly
​Protected natural areas ​June 2012 ​Annually
Landscapes of the urban area ​September 2012 ​Census year
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