Rural land and amenity

The rural area is largely a primary production working environment and plays a large role in the district’s economic drivers. This is also where the majority of the district’s important landscapes, features and significant natural areas are located, playing a role in tourism and providing habitat, biodiversity and essential ecosystem services.
Residents of the rural area generally live further away from their neighbours than those who live in the urban area, and are more accepting of primary production activities such as forestry, farm machinery, animals, and factories. Monitoring in this section keeps track of trends, highlighting issues and success in the rural area.

​Indicators ​Availability ​Updated
Rural subdivision ​September 2012 ​Annually
Reserves in the rural area ​Available ​Annually
Noise levels and complaints in the rural area ​Available ​5-yearly
Rural residential development ​September 2012 ​Census year
​New buildings ​September 2012 ​Annually
​Protected natural areas ​June 2012 Annually
Landscapes of the rural environment ​September 2012 ​Census year
Landcover change ​2013 ​5-yearly
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