Recreation objectives, policies and rules within Lakes A Zone aim to provide recreational opportunities on land and water in a permissive way. The natural character, landscapes and amenity of the special Lakes A environment makes it a popular recreational area. The challenge is to maintain and enhance existing amenity values, including noise levels, as well as recreational areas serviced by appropriate access and facilities. Monitoring requirements are set to assess whether this has been met.
Noise can be an issue when there is conflict of use. In the Lakes A Zone the number and types of noise complaints are monitored, as well as noise levels on reserves and settlement area interface.
Esplanade reserves and strips
One way which public access and recreational opportunities are provided for is through esplanade reserves and strips. The change in number, location and area of esplanade reserves and strips within the Lakes A Zone are monitored to gauge how effectively public access is provided.
Lake users and recreational facilities
Monitoring under this topic includes satisfaction of lake users and assessing whether the existing recreation facilities available are appropriate and sufficient.
Monitoring Indicators Availability Updated
​Noise level monitoring ​Available ​Annually
​Noise complaints ​Available ​Annually
​Esplanade reserves and strips ​December 2012 ​5-yearly
​Lake users and recreation facilities ​Available ​3-yearly

Monitoring noise complaints within Lakes A provides information about types of noise complaints and their frequency.
Monitoring noise levels at the settlement zone- recreation interface within the Lakes A.
Reporting on formal protection and provision of public access to lake edges within the Lakes A Zone.
Monitoring the satisfaction of lake users to gauge whether expectations for recreational opportunities are being met.



















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