Natural Heritage

Natural Heritage

Geological landforms and vegetation are important aspects of natural heritage within the Lakes A Zone. Indigenous vegetation and habitat in the Lakes A Zone covers a greater percentage of land compared to the rest of the district.  

Indigenous vegetation and habitat

An identified significant resource management issue for the Lakes A Zone is the potential loss of indigenous terrestrial ecosystems, riparian margins, habitat for aquatic birds, and habitats for trout and indigenous aquatic fauna. These are affected not only by human intervention but also by pest plant and animals.

Indigenous vegetation also contributes to natural character and outstanding natural landscapes and features. Flora, fauna and landscapes can often be part of Maori cultural heritage and in some cases they are taonga or waahi tapu.

Objectives and polices about indigenous vegetation and habitat aim to protect, maintain and enhance indigenous biodiversity, natural character and naturalness. They promote healthy and functioning wetlands and protect indigenous vegetation with a high degree of ecological integrity. Subdivision within the bush settlement has a part to play in achieving rehabilitation, protection and enhancement.

Monitoring Indicators ​Availability ​Updated
Flora and Fauna ecological assessment​ Available ​5-yearly
​Indigenous vegetation health and extent Available ​5-yearly
​Protected natural areas of the Lakes A Zone ​September 2012 ​5-yearly
Riparian areas
Riparian areas and wetlands perform many important roles for the health of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, water quality, habitat, healthy functioning of lake, streams and rivers. They contribute to the naturalness of a waterbody, and are popular recreational areas. Objectives and policies promote management of riparian areas not only to avoid further degradation of riparian margins but to also maintain, enhance and protect them.
Monitoring Indicators Availability ​Updated
Indigenous vegetation health and extent​ Available ​5-yearly
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