Indicators for Rotorua's State of the Environment reporting and their availability is listed below under four themes:

Sustainable Environment​

Freshwater health​

Urban land and amenity

Rural land and amenity


Protection of Rotorua's heritage​

Local climate

Sustainable Economy 

Renewable energy production

  • Energy consumption
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Rotorua geothermal fields energy production​ (Not yet available)
  • Prospecting geothermal fields​  (Not yet available) 
  • Protection of geothermal features​  (Not yet available)
  • ​Building consents for green energy  (Not yet available)

Tourism and commerce​

Sustainable Infrastructure

Solid waste management

Freshwater use

Transport and safety

Lakes A Zone Indicators

Water quality  ​  ​

Settlements and developments  ​  ​

​Natural heritage  ​  ​

Cultural heritage  ​  ​

​Recreation  ​  ​

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