Freshwater health

Freshwater systems are important natural resources that contribute to the district's economy and liveability. Indicators in this section report on the health of lakes, rivers, streams and groundwater. Together they form a bigger picture of the trends of Rotorua's water bodies and their health in an ecological and recreational context.
​Indicators ​Availability ​Updated
​Lake water quality ​Available ​Annually
​Stream water quality ​Available ​Annually
​Bathing water quality in streams ​Available ​Annually
​Bathing water quality in lakes ​Available ​Annually
Access to wastewater reticulation ​Available ​Annually
Wastewater treatment ​Available ​Annually
Riparian margins ​Available ​Annually
​Extent of wetlands ​2013 ​To be advised
​Groundwater quality ​2013 ​To be advised
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