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Purpose of indicator

Rotorua’s airport offers both domestic and international flights and has around 250,000 passengers arriving and departing each year. Efficiency in providing services is the best way to ensure minimal environmental impacts while supporting Rotorua’s economy. Aircraft movements impact on the environment by creating noise, traffic and emitting greenhouse gasses.

Current trends and information

Rotorua International Airport has been offering direct flights to and from Sydney since 2009 with services twice weekly on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Passengers on international services make up approximately 10% of all passengers arriving and departing Rotorua International Airport. Advertising and promotions of ‘Central Park’ which encompasses Rotorua and surrounding areas are expected to increase international arrivals and departures.

Graph for Passenger arrivals and aircraft landings
Figure 1.
Source: Rotorua International Airport, 2011

Figure 1 shows passenger arrivals and landings. The ‘passenger arrivals’ trend line is located above the ‘aircraft landings’ line on figure 1, which is optimal. The further apart these two variables are, the more efficient the delivery of service is, meaning a greater passenger to aircraft landing ratio and fewer emissions per passenger. The general trend shows both passenger arrivals and landings have been increasing since 1991. However since 2009 efficiency in passenger to aircraft ratio has been getting better.

Figure 1 also shows a decrease in passenger arrivals and aircraft landings in 2009 (shown by the dashed line) due to Qantas domestic flights no longer offered operating. At the same time a review and rationalisation of flights and flight times saw a decrease in aircraft landings while passenger arrival numbers increased from 2009. This was part of strategic improvements for greater efficiency in passenger to aircraft ratios as explained earlier.

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