Communities for Climate Protection

Climate change is a serious threat to long-term community viability. It has the potential to have major effects on Rotorua’s weather over the next 50 years and well into the future. The effects of changing weather patterns will have flow-on effects for Rotorua’s economy, flood risks and possibly even affect tourism over the long term.

In February 2008, RLC’s Finance Committee resolved: “That the Rotorua Lakes Council recognises climate change as a major issue for consideration in the draft 2009-2019 LTCCP; and that Council, with assistance from the International Council For Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) and Communities For Climate Protection (CCP), identify emission reduction targets and a local sustainability action plan and that this be used to assist in the preparation of the draft 2009-2019 LTCCP”.

Rotorua Lakes Council (RLC) has been a member of Communities for Climate Protection-New Zealand Programme (CCP-NZ) since 2005. As part of RLC’s commitment to CCP-NZ, an inventory of energy use, cost and CO2 equivalent emissions was identified for the last few years and CO2 emission levels were forecast to the year 2010. Together, the emissions inventory and forecast represents Milestone 1 of the CCP-NZ framework.

CCP-NZ Milestones 2 and 3 – to set emission reduction goals and develop an action plan to achieve these goals – are completed through the Corporate Action Plan of the Sustainability Policy in terms of corporate emissions only. Targets and action plans are yet to be identified to support emission reductions for Rotorua communities at large. The overall CCP-NZ programme for Rotorua can be summarised as follows:

Milestones 2006/07-2007/08​ 2008/09​ 2009/10​ 2010/11 2011/12​ 2012/13 onward​
1​ Inventory (and forecast) for community and corporate greenhouse gas emissions ü
2a​ Establish interim emission reduction targets – corporate​ ü
3a​ Develop and adopt a local action plan – corporate​ ü
4a​ Implement the local action plan – corporate​ ü ü ü ü
2b​ Establish emission reduction targets – community​ ü
3b​ Develop and adopt a local action plan – community​ ü
4b​ Implement the local action plan – community​ ü ü ü
5​ Monitor and report on achievements​ ü ü ü ü
Review emission reduction targets (corporate and community) ü

Unfortunately the Communities for Climate Projection office in New Zealand closed at the end of June 2009. Council is considering how it will continue to monitor its corporate emmissions and achieve its long term CCP objectives. A further objective is to ensure that the monitoring framework that is selected is both meaningful and consistent with other local authorities.

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