Online Cemetery Search

Online search of Rotorua District burial and cremation records:

Rotorua Lakes Council holds more than 32,000 separate records for public cemeteries and the city crematorium dating back as far as 1882.

It is possible to search by name on this website for an individual cemetery or crematorium record. Typically a successful search will reveal information such as the full name of the deceased, age, location of burial, other associated information held and in many cases a map and photograph of a headstone.

Rotorua Lakes Council's project to make burial records available online is not yet fully complete and there remains a number of records still to be added and some headstones yet to be photographed. These are expected to be completed progressively over coming months.

Disclaimer: Because of the nature of historical documents of this type the accuracy of information provided as part of this service cannot be guaranteed. There may be errors or omissions in the data presented, and Rotorua Lakes Council does not accept responsibility for any effects arising from this information.​​

Cemeteries and Crematorium Search

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