Cemeteries and Crematorium

Rotorua Lakes Council is responsible for the Rotorua Cemetery and Crematorium, as well as the Mamaku, Reporoa and Ngakuru cemeteries. Council also operates Ngongotaha’s Kauae Cemetery, which is governed by a separate board of trustees.

Note: As at 1 January 2014 Council introduced a new m​emorial permit system and minor increase in fees.

For further information and enquiries, please contact us: 07 349 1899 or info@rotorualc.nz  

Kauae Cemetery. 365 - 383 Ngongotaha Rd, Rotorua

Rotorua Lakes Council manages the cemetery for Kauae Cemetery Trust Board. The land was originally a Ngati Whakaue burial ground before it became a public cemetery in 1924. Part of the cemetery is maintained particularly for current Ngati Whakaue burials.

Map of location of Kauae Cemetery

Mamaku Cemetery. 13 Achille​​s Rd, Mamaku

This is a small cemetery, and burials are infrequent. The first recorded burial was in 1906.
Rotorua County Council took over the administration from the Mamaku Cemetery Board in the early 1960s and control passed to Rotorua Lakes Council in 1979.

Map location of Mamaku Cemetery

Ngakuru Cemetery. 938 Whirinaki Valley Rd, Ngakuru

Ngakuru Cemetery was developed on land purchased by Council directly behind the Ngakuru Church and was officially opened in December 1999. 

Map location of Ngakuru Cemetery

Reporoa Cemet​​ery. 15 Homestead Rd, Repo​roa

Developed on a piece of land purchased by Council from a local farmer Reporoa Cemetery officially opened on 17 December 1994. 

Map of location of Reporoa Cemetery

Rotorua Cemetery. ​160 Sala St, Rotorua

Rotorua Cemetery was used for burials in the 1800s. Some of the victims of the 1886 Tarawera eruption are buried here, as well as some early transfers from an even older burial ground on the eastern side of Sala Street. This cemetery is essentially full with only a few pre-sold RSA and children's plots available.

Map of location of Rotorua Cemetery

Rotorua Proposed New Cemetery Site. ​SH30 adjacent to Lakeview Golf Club.

This cemetery is yet to be developed.

Rotorua Cremat​orium. 160 Sala St, Rotorua

Rotorua Crematorium was opened in 1963 by the Rotorua City Council on a portion of the Sala Street cemetery reserve.

Map location of Rotorua Crematorium

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