Building Fees and Charges

The following fees and charges information for Council's building services are effective as at 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018 (15% GST)


All fees include GST unless otherwise indicated.


On application for a Building Consent a lodgement fee is payable. Some types of Building Consents have a fixed fee, in which no further costs will be incurred.

Other types require a lodgement fee, where further costs may be incurred depending on the time taken to process the consent. The lodgement fee includes a review by other functions of council to ensure compliance with other relevant legislation, policies and bylaws. The fees also include our administration, and most of our processing costs. The lodgement fee is NON REFUNDABLE. If applicable, any additional fees and levies will be charged on the granting of the consent. Your consent will not be issued if there are outstanding fees.

The fees payable are calculated based on the following:

​Application Fee For Fixed Cost Building Consents Only – No Project Information Memorandum supplied ​​Consent Fee
2017 / 2018
​1Proprietary garages, carports, playgrounds (2 inspections) ​$820 
​2​Proprietary garages with fire wall (3 inspections) ​$910
​3Proprietary farm buildings$1,005
​4Minor works (single inspection) – sewer connection, garden sheds, marquee, proprietary swimming pool.$410
​4a​Free standing solid fuel heater, gas or solar water heaters, spa pool, re-roof.

(Add half hour extra charge for in-built solid fuel heaters and re-roofing applications).

5​Minor works (2 inspections) – retaining walls, pergolas, 
simple decks, conservatories, non-proprietary swimming pool, replacement window and door inserts
5a​Residential-Minor works (2 inspections) internal alts, structural alts,
P & D, accessible showers

(Add half hour extra charge for accessible and tiled showers).

​6Demolition – Residential (plus $500.00 damage bond) $435
​7Demolition – Commercial (plus $1000.00 damage bond)$725
​Lodgement Fee for Building Consents Only – No Project Information Memorandum supplied ​
 8Custom designed garages, carports, farm buildings $770
​9Small projects (less than $20,000) – shop fit-outs,
shop fronts, complex decks
9aResidential internal alteration, (less then $20,000) alteration to
a specified system.
​10Subsidiary buildings (e.g. sleep out)$865
​11Additions and alterations to residential buildings
(over $20,000)
​11a​Internal residential or commercial alteration over $20,000 (with building input only)​$855
​12New dwellings$1,810
​13Additions and alterations to commercial and industrial buildings
(over $20,000) [Add additional $155.00 for each $100,000 or part
thereof in excess of $300,000]
​14New commercial and industrial buildings [Add additional $155.00 for each $100,000 or part thereof in excess of $300,000]

​Project Information Memorandum (PIM)
15Project Information Memorandum applied for in conjunction with a Building Consent add an additional $70,00 to categories 1 to 14​$70
​16​Project Information Memorandum (stand alone). This fee will not be deducted from the Building Consent fees for categories 1 to 14​​$370

In addition to the above other fees may be payable to cover inspections and the issuing of Certificates and the like.  These will be itemised at point of approval of the Consent.


  1. Building Research Levy
    A levy of $1.00 for every $1,000.00, or part thereof, of the project where the value of the project is $20,000 or greater, this is collected on behalf of Building Research New Zealand.
  2. Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE)
    A levy of $2.01 for every $1,000.00 or part thereof the project where the value of the project is $20,000.00 or greater.  This is collected on behalf of the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment.

Other Fees

​Sundry Charges​​Fees​
2017/ 2018
ACertificate of Title​$15
​BCompliance Schedule OR Amendment to Compliance Schedule​​$130
C​Building Warrant of Fitness – Annual charge$140
​DBuilding Warrant of Fitness – Audit recheck$92.50
​E​Additional/Re-inspection - 30 minutes$92.50
​FInspection – 45 minutes$138.75
​GInspection – 1 hour$185
​HSection 72 or 77 Notice$130
​ICertificate of Acceptance – Fee plus cost of BC/PIM.
Normal PIM & Consent fees apply
​JCertificate of Acceptance – processing fee per half hour$92.50
​KNotice to Fix – issue and inspection$138.75
​LCertificate of Public Use (specific stand alone inspection)$245
​MCertificate of Public Use in conjunction with building consent
application or scheduled inspection
​NAmendment to issued building consent (acceptance fee only)$130
​OResite report for existing dwellings$210
​PPrior assessment of exempt work under 1st schedule (excl. item 2)$130
​QPrior assessment of exempt work under 1st schedule item 2 (discretionary exemption)$300
​RBuilding Service monthly statistics$28/book

​SCopy of Compliance Schedule$28.50
​T​Application for extension of time to complete consent​​$92.50​
​U​Swimming Pools​$110
​V​Additional/Re-inspections ​$55
i)  The above fees do not include for specialist checks or Peer reviews these will be
     in addition to the above at a direct cost and will be subject to a 10% surcharge.
ii)  Additional fees and charges may also be payable to other Departments of
     Council on matters relating to building consents.
iii)  Additional inspection fees may be payable for failed or additional inspections
      exceeding the number estimated at time of issuing the building consent
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