Earthquake-prone Buildings


​Managing Earthquake Prone Buildings

Council's previous earthquake prone building policy has now been replaced by the Building (Earthquake-prone Building) Amendment Act 2016 which came into effect 1 July 2017. It is a nationally consistent system for managing earthquake-prone buildings and changes the way they are identified, assessed and managed.​

This video by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) gives you an introduction to the national system for managing earthquake-prone buildings: why we have it and how it works.​

​​Council will be contacting building owners whose buildings were previously identified as potentially or earthquake prone in accordance with time frames set out in the Building Act.

Structures that the act applies to:

The act applies to commercial buildings and some residential buildings.

Residential buildings are only covered under the act if they:

  • comprise two or more storeys and three or more household units,
  • or are used as hostels, boarding houses or other types of specialised accommodation.

The act does not apply to:

  • farm buildings
  • stand-alone retaining walls
  • fences
  • statues and other monuments that cannot be entered
  • wharves
  • bridges
  • tunnels
  • storage tanks.​

​Earthquake Strengthen your Home

​​​​​This video by Hutt City Council has some useful information about how you can make your home more structurally safe and sound in an earthquake.​

​Previous earthquake-prone building assessments

If you own a building that has been assessed as earthquake-prone under our initial evaluation programme, you can either:

New earthquake-prone building assessments

If you choose to undertake a new assessment using the MBIE methodology, the result of the assessment will supersede any existing seismic assessment rating.

You will have 12 months from the date you receive written notification from us to carry out a new assessment and you will need to cover the cost of the new assessment.

Application for an extension to provide an earthquake-prone building assessment

An extension of up to 12 months may be available if you are unable to provide an engineering assessment by the due date.

You must apply for an extension at least two months before the initial due date. Other criteria also apply. Go to the Building (Earthquake-prone Building) Amendment Act 2016 for more information.

​​Apply for an extension to provide an earthquake-pr​one building assessment using this form​​. The form must be posted to Council.

Earthquake-prone status​

If your building has an existing earthquake-prone evaluation or is rated as earthquake-prone under the new assessment, you will:

  • be issued with a statutory Earthquake-Prone Building (EPB) notice, which you must display in a prominent place in your building
  • have the details of your building added to the national register of earthquake-prone buildings
  • have 25 years from the date of the EPB notice to strengthen your building so that it is no longer earthquake-prone, or if you carry out a substantial alteration or change of use, have to strengthen your building at the same time.

Earthquake-prone buildings and multiple unit titles

If a building with multiple unit titles is deemed earthquake-prone, the owner of each title will be issued with a separate earthquake-prone building notice.

Extension to complete strengthening for heritage buildings

You can apply for a 10-year extension to complete strengthening works for an earthquake-prone building that is:

  • a Category 1 listed building, or
  • on the National Historic Landmarks list.

For further information, email our building consents team:

Exemption from strengthening for isolated buildings

You can apply for an exemption from strengthening works for an earthquake-prone building that is:

  • used infrequently
  • or poses a low risk of injury to people and damage to other property in the event of an earthquake.

See section 10 of the Building (Specified Systems, Change the Use, and Earthquake-prone Buildings) Regulations 2005 for more information and qualifying criteria

​​​Identified current earthquake-prone buildings

The list of confirmed earthquake-prone buildings in the city, are identified below. This current list will be uploaded to the national register.

EQ No.Property No.​AddressBuilding Description
(If known)
​2​17363​1266 Tarawera Rd​RLC/Rotorua Water Ski Club
​16​00514​1302 - 1304 Ranolf St & 1289-1301 Amohau Street
​58​07042​6 Brookland Road​Shops
​63​07040​2 Brookland Road​Brookland shops
​77 ​21277​82 Clayton Road​Pet Shop
79​05622​66 Clayton Road​Petrol station/workshop
​80​05624​66 Clayton Road​Petrol station/workshop
​107​01074​37 Te Ngae Road​Shop Fitters & Joiners
​146​00460​1190 Eruera Street
​309​00315​1114 Haupapa Street
​377​05531​174 Lake Road​Mico Plumbing showroom
​426​23867​1 Mount View Drive
​496​10324​2 Otonga Road​2 Million take away
​507​22875​6 Tallyho Street
​646​15954​381 Te Ngae Road
​666​00154​1241 Tutanekai Street​Stevens Retail shop
​667​00075​1188 Tutanekai Street​Lucky lotto shop
​669​00138​1149 Tutanekai Street
​67500094​​1234 Tutanekai Street​Millar's Fashion
​727​06253​3 Ferguson Place​Carpet Court
​730​00217​1211 Fenton Street​Arahia Academy building
​742​12140​773 Hamurana Road​Hamurana golf lodge
​743​000212​1189-1193 Fenton Street​Planet Nomad Backpacker Accomodation
​851​22866​19 - 21 Riri Street
​893​00077​1192-1194 Tutanekai Street​Denim Zone/The Outlet shop
​895​00147​1211-1215 Tutanekai Street​Central Chambers Building
​898​14438​45 Vaughan Road
​942​00544​1295 Amohia Street
​971​05544​39 Biak Street​Living Well Church
​983​00076​1194 Tutanekai Street​Denim Zone/The Outlet shop
​1079​00886​1271 Ranolf Street​Kuirau Park Motor Lodge
​1142​00064​Tutanekai Street/Whakaue Street​Sichuan Cuisine, Ministry of Social Development Offices, Lady Janes Ice Cream Parlour, Ambrosia Restaurant, Sobar, Atticus Finch
​1162​00198​1272 Fenton Street​Family Start
​1234​00187​1220 Fenton Street
​1418​07044​10 Brookland Road​Air India Takeaways
​​1431 14248 ​Waipa State Mill Rd Fitters workshop
​1440​14248​Waipa State Mill Rd​CCA treatment Plant
​1498​27068​22 Beaumont St​Rotorua Family Holiday Park (Recreation Room)
​1526​00226​1119 Amohau Street​Valentines

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