Dog Registration

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dogs Online - online dog registration and updating dog/owner details

You can renew and pay for your annual dog
re-registration, apply to register a new dog, update owner/dog records, share contact details for us to contact you regarding your dog, advise if your dog has passed away, or request a replacement dog tag via:

Dogs Online

Ways to pay - online services 

You can pay using the Dogs Online service or you can set up a Direct Credit using internet banking. 

Haven’t received an annual registration invoice?

You must make sure your dog is registered by 30 June each yearMake a note of this date, as the responsibility rests with you, the owner.

Want to save on your dog registration fee?

If you have ‘selected dog owner’ status, you qualify for a rebate on your dog registration fee. Contact us to find out how to complete the multi-choice test based on the New Zealand Dog Owners’ Manual. 

Find out if you are eligible for selected dog ownership here

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What does my dog registration fee cover?

The Rotorua Lakes Council's Animal Control team has the responsibility to manage dog and stock issues in the district. 

The dog population is growing yearly and we now have over 12,000 known dogs. Our Animal Services team receives over 6,500 complaints every year. We impound over 1,500 dogs, of which 70% are returned home or adopted to new homes

In Rotorua, there is a ratepayer contribution towards the cost of animal control services however,  dog registration fees help to pay for most of our animal services activities, including:

  • Providing and maintaining facilities (the pound) for the care, welfare and return of lost, stray, impounded or seized dogs
  • Investigation, monitoring and resolution of dog issues such as nuisance (barking & roaming), aggressive and dangerous dogs (rushing's & attacks)
  • Monitoring and enforcement of the dog control act, bylaws and policy
  • Providing doggie doo bags (collect these from the Customer Centre counter) 
  • Friendly and professional advice to dog owners and residents, also providing bark collars (for hire)  ​
  • Education program to school children
  • Patrolling public areas, reserves, parks, sportsfields and signage in public places including our lakes all aimed at public education, safety and where required enforcement action
  • Stock control on roads

As with any business ​there are also standard overheads associated with vehicles, technology, facilities, administration, record keeping of over 11,000 dogs (including the updating of the National Dog Database), staff costs, management etc. 

Moving to another part of the country?

Your dog’s registration is valid nationwide. If you register your dog in one place and visit another, your dog’s registration remains in force. But if you and your dog live in a new area for 1 month or more, you must

  1. advise the council where you registered your dog that you have moved
  2. write to the council in your new area to let them know that you and your dog are living in the district.  You need to do this within 6 weeks, in writing.

Your new district council will add your dog to their register and give you a local registration tag or disc free of charge. 

Dog owner change of details form 


Involved in changing th e ownership of a dog?

When the ownership of a dog is changed the registration remains in force, but the previous owner and the new owner must let their district councils know what has happened.  You need to advise your council, in writing, within 14 days. Failure to do this can result in a fine of up to $500.00. You can also advise the council about a change in dog ownership by going to the Dogs Online section on this site.

Do not:

  • remove a collar bearing a registration tag or disc from a dog 
  • attach to any dog a tag or disc that has been issued to another dog 
  • make a false application when registering a dog 
  • make a counterfeit disc or tag or have in your possession a tag or disc resembling a current registration tag.
  • Offences relating to dog registration can lead to fines of up to $3000.00. 

Change of dog ownership form
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Lost your dog tag?

You will need to get a replacement tag or disc if you lose or misplace your dogs original tag or disc.

To obtain a replacement tag or disc you will need to complete a replacement tag form and pay the applicable fee. 

A replacement tag form can be:

  • Can be requested and paid for online via this site on the Dogs Online section, or
  • Can be collected from the Rotorua Lakes Council Civic Centre, or 
  • Can be applied for via email, fax or post.

Download the Request for Dog Tag Replacement Form below and email, fax or post to Rotorua Lakes Council, Civic Centre, 1061 Haupapa St, Private Bag 3029, Rotorua Mail Centre, Rotorua 3046

A replacement tag or disc will not be issued until payment has been received. Credit Card payments may be taken over the phone. 


If Your Dog Dies

If your dog dies and you have paid for current registration, you can make a written request for a refund or fill out the Change of Dog Status Form below. The Council will give you whatever remaining portion of the yearly rate remains after notification. You must also return the tag and/or provide proof from your vet.

Change of Dog Status Form

Notification of Microchipping

Dogs required by law to be microchipped are:
  • All dogs registered for the very first time after July 2006, except working farm dogs.
  • Dogs classified as dangerous or menacing on or after 1 December 2003.
  • Dogs that get impounded and are unregistered.
  • Dogs that are registered but get impounded more than once.

You need to advise the Council when you have microchipped your dog and provide a copy of the microchip certificate or one of the barcodes that the implanter has given to you.

Dog Microchipping Form

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