Selected Dog Ownership

​Rotorua Lakes Council has a special category of dog owner called Selected Dog Owner Status for owners who have been approved as a responsible dog owner in the urban area. There are a number of criteria the owner must meet to become a Selected Dog Owner. A selected owner will be accorded a reduction of registration fee provided that the required criteria have been met each and every subsequent year.

What are the criteria for Selected Dog Ownership?

In order to qualify for selected dog ownership, the criteria are:-
  1. Any person who has owned a dog for more than one year.

  2. The property where the dog(s) is/are housed has been inspected by a Rotorua Lakes Council Animal Control Officer and the owner interviewed as to their understanding of statute and bylaw requirements.

  3. The property is adequately fenced to contain the dog(s) at all times.

  4. The sleeping quarters (kennelling) and exercise facilities for the dog(s) are adequate.

  5. Any dog owner whose dog has not been the subject of a justified complaint in the two years prior to application.

  6. The dog(s) has not been found to be a nuisance to neighbours or impounded in the two years prior to application, e.g. complaints about aggressive dogs, barking dogs

  7. The dog(s) must be registered by the due date.

  8. Preferred owners must notify Council of any change of address within 14 days. A property inspection of the new address will be required.

  9. The correct answering of 10 out of 12 questions on responsible dog ownership.

How do I apply for selected dog ownership?

You can make an application by phone or in writing from 1 July to 31 March in any year.

Once your application is accepted, you will be required to pass a test on responsible dog ownership with Council's staff and have a property inspection. The responsible dog ownership test is completed at the owners address at the time of inspection. The field officer carrying out this inspection will make a decision on acceptance for Selected Owner Status. Owners with Select Owner Status pay a lower registration fee.

If you are successful in attaining Selected Dog Ownership status, it will be applied in the following registration year​.​

There is no cost involved in applying for Selected Dog Ownership.

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