Owning more than two dogs

​In the Rotorua urban area, no more than two dogs over the age of three months may be housed on individual premises. To keep any more than two dogs over three months old, a Kennel Licence is required.

An Applications for a Kennel Licence is available from our Customer Centre or by clicking this link
Kennel Licence Application Form. There will be a fee to pay. See our F​ees​​​ and Charges​

What are the permit conditions for owning more than two dogs?

All requirements of the Dog Control Act 1996 and relevant Rotorua Lakes Council Bylaws shall be met at all times unless otherwise approved by a Council Officer.

  1. The application shall attempt to obtain the signature of their four closest neighbours prior to submitting an application.
  2. An application fee must be paid before any inspection is carried out.
  3. The site/location must be checked by an Animal Control officer prior to any permanent building work being commenced.
  4. A yearly fee is required to be paid for the renewal of a Kennel License.
  5. Kennels are not to be sited closer than 6 metres to a neighbouring dwelling and 1 metre from any boundary of the applicant's property.
  6. If a permanent as opposed to a moveable kennel and run is to be constructed, the base area of the run must be concreted to an approved with a concrete nib wall around the base of the concrete pad no less than 200mm in height with adequate fall to a gully trap.
  7. A water supply must be available in order to facilitate cleaning and the supply of fresh drinking water.
  8. The entire kennel is required to be maintained in a sanitary condition at all times.
  9. Dogs may be housed in other than outdoor kennels. This will depend on the individual circumstances of each case and subject to any condition that may be imposed.
  10. A building consent is required for structures over 10 square metres.
Page reviewed: 10 Jun 2020 3:13pm