Dog Exercise Areas

All dogs in public places must be on a lead NOT longer than 2 metres in length, held by a person capable of restraining the dog, unless they are in an area set aside as a Dog Exercise Area.

Dogs are not permitted in the central business district (CBD) which is comprised of:

  • All of Tutanekai, Hinemaru, Amohia, Whakaue, Pukaki, Arawa, Haupapa Streets.
  • Fenton Street from Victoria Street intersection to Whakaue Street intersection
  • Pukuatua Street from Ranolf Street to Hinemaru Street
  • Hinemoa Street from Ranolf Street to Hinemaru Stsreet
  • Eruera Street from Ranolf Street to Hinemaru Street
  • Amohau Street from Ranolf Street to Hinemaru Street

Council provides several areas where you can exercise your dog off the lead but you must still be able to control it as if it were on a lead.  If you can control your dog with a whistle, you may exercise it off a lead. 

Remember, though, that dogs are not allowed in any children’s play areas.

 Dog Exercise Areas Brochure (this includes parks where you cannot walk your dog)
 Dog Exercise Area Maps (full document)

 Aquarius Drive Reserve 

Access from Aquarius Drive and Capricorn Place.

 Boielle Park 

Access off Kawaha Point Road
(Central to Koutu/Kawaha Point)​

 Boyes Park 

​Access off Carlton, Wylie, Duncan and Ranolf streets

 Corlett Street 

​Access off Corlett or Konene streets

 Coulter Road Reserve

Access off Wingrove and Coulter roads​

 Part of the Devon Street West/Utuhina Stream reserve

Located between Devon Street West (opposite the international stadium) and the banks of Utuhina Stream​

 Fairview Road Reserve

Access off Bell, Fairview and Park roads​

 Hannahs Bay Reserve

Excluding that part of the Reserve situated to the West of the North-Eastern drain and bounded by the lake foreshore to the North, Willow Avenue to the West and the wetland area to the South, and further excluding all playground areas and all barbecue areas within the reserve and excluding that area used by the Rotorua Pony Club for events when an organised event is in progress. ​

 Karenga Park

From the Dog Obedience clubrooms south to Lake Road, and bounded by Bennetts Road and the old railway line.  Access from 10 Bennetts Road.​

 Kuirau Park

From the Kuirau Park Access Road north to Lake Road, bounded by Ranolf Street and the residential boundaries of Tarewa Road.  Dogs must be on a leash. ​

 Jackson Park

Access off Springfield Road, McDowell Street and Otonga Road​

 Larcy Road Reserve

Access off Larcy and Lynbert roads​

 Linton Park East

Access from Edmund Road, Kamahi Place and Homedale Street​

 McIntyre Avenue

Access off McIntyre Avenue and Marguerita Street ​

 Morey Street

Access off Morey Street​


Access off Reeme Street Reserve, from Reeme Street to fence approx 50 metres south of Taui Street​

 Ngongotaha - Western Road Reserve (Elliott Park)

Access off Western Road​

 Pererika Street (Town Belt)

Area from model railway clubrooms to Telecom entrance​

 Pullar Park

Access Between Sunset Primary and Intermediate schools, adjacent to Otomatea Stream ​

 Rotorua Racecourse

Access off Fenton Street
(only available when the reserve is not in use for race meetings or other functions, and after 9am each day). ​

 Simmonds Crescent
Reserve (now Tihi Reserve)

Access off Simmonds Crescent, Day Place and Tihi Road ​

 Day Place and Wright Park

Access off Icarus Place, Pegasus Drive, Castor Place, Helena Place and Orion Street ​

Scion Nursery Archives​

Access off Long Mile Road, opposite side to The Redwoods (dogs on leash on Redwoods tracks). This area is private land made available by Scion for the public to use as an off lead dog exercise area. Like a public area, all RLC dog control and registration by-laws apply.

Make any inquiries for this area directly to Scion reception
ph: 07 343 5899.​

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