Cycling, walking & public transport in Rotorua

​​​​​Urban cyc​ling

​​Rotorua has an enviable reputation as an international mountain biking destination. Its potential as a cycling city stretches beyond the forests, with a cycling-friendly landscape providing for easy riding throughout the city and into residential neighbourhoods.

The shared path n​etwork

The Urban Cycleway programme was announced in 2014 to accelerate the build of urban cycle networks in major cities across New Zealand.  

The Urban Cycleways Fund has accelerated completion of the city’s urban cycling network, dubbed the ‘CyWay’. The CyWay comprises over 24km of shared paths and aims to be a catalyst for more people choosing to walk or cycle to work, to school, to shops and for recreation.​

The aim of the shared path network is to make riding a bike ​a safe and attractive transport option for short to medium journeys around our city. The network objective is to connect neighbourhoods with schools, the inner city, facilities and recreational spaces. Shared paths are great for pedestrians, including those who have mobility challenges as they are wider and smoother than regular footpaths.

Please note that cycling facilities on Te Ngae Road will form part of the NZ Transport Agency's 'Connect Rotorua' project, as it is a State Highway.

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Public t​​ransport

​Rotorua's CityRide bus service is run by Reesby Buses, and the bus routes are managed by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council. Rotorua Lakes Council manages Rotorua's bus stop shelters. 

Bee C​ard

CardInfo.pngCityRide buses use the Bee Card system for passengers to pay. It is a tag on-tag off system that helps to inform decision making about bus routes and infrastructure. Bee card replaced the CityRide card in July 2020.

You can register for a Bee Card at, collect one from the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, or from Rotorua Lakes Council's Civic Centre.

CityR​ide service routes

There are 11  bus routes which cover the Rotorua city area, with two rural connectors. There is also a trial Commuter/Tertiary service between Rotorua and Tauranga which operates 5 days a week from 1 February 2020 until 24 December 2020. Extension of the service beyond this period is subject to review of the trial.​​

Map of CityRide bus routes​

Bus map.jpg

For more information, click here to visit the Baybus website

Urban wal​​king tracks

Rotorua has a number of walkways, including many scenic walkways around its lakes and forestsThe city area also has a number of walkways. These walkways have been developed over a period of 10 years. The entire length of the walkways measures 26km, which is broken up into 8 shorter sections. 

  • Pukeroa Hill - 10 mins
  • Rotorua Lakefront - 20 mins
  • Motutara - 25 mins
  • Te Arikiroa - 15 mins
  • Puarenga - 45 mins
  • Rotorua Tree Trust - 40 mins
  • Utuhina - 2.45 mins
  • Kuirau Park - 20 mins
  • Mangakakahi - 50 mins - Bloomfield Street to Old Taupo Road/Pukuatua Street
  • Otamatea - 30 mins - Pegasus Dr to Utuhina Walkway

See below for a map of the walkways, click to view in full.​

121.jpg ​

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