Road Corridor Access

All excavation and trenching work carried out within the road corridor must be carried out in accordance with the National Code of Practice for Utilities' Access to the Transport Corridors that was compiled and published by the NZ Utilities Advisory Group (NZUAG).

We have a requirement under the Local Government Act to manage people working on the road, particularly utility network operators working within the road reserve.

Corridor Access Request (CAR)

A Corridor Access Request is a permit from Council to carry out works within the public road. It is required to ensure all work sites on roads are as safe as possible for workers, motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. or anyone planning to dig up part of the road as part of a project.
A permit is required for, but not limited to, the following activities:
  • Any activity that will alter or cause to be altered the surface of any part of the road reserve, including but not limited to excavating, drilling, resurfacing
  • The placement of any pipe, duct, pole, cabinet or other structure below, on or above the road reserve
  • A new driveway

Applying for a Corridor Access Request

On-line Application

A Corridor Access Request (CAR) application can be made by going to the BeforeUDig website (, registering, filling in a CAR application form including a sketch of the location and then clicking 'submit'. This will also contact the relevant service plan utility services. If you experience difficulties loading a pdf plan of the work you wish to do a manual application can be made to the Rotorua Lakes Council.

​If you are carrying out building works and the construction of a vehicle crossing is required you should apply for your Corridor Access Request when you lodge your building consent.

The length of time to process the application will be:
  • Local Roads         5 - 10 working days
  • State Highways   10 - 15 working days

This service is free of charge. The CAR (Corridor Access Request) must be granted before the work can commence unless it is an emergency.

Types of corridor access request:
​Project ​Works that exceed 14 days from establishment to final reinstatement
​Major Works involving an excavation of greater than 1 square metre and taking less than 14 days from establishment to final reinstatement​
​Minor Domestic service connections and/or works of up to 1 square meter that do not disrupt pedestrian or vehicular traffic​
Notification of minor or emergency works that have taken place within the past 7 days.​

Also required as part of the application:

Traffic management plan

Customers are also required to submit a traffic management plan, for any activity that varies the normal operating conditions of any part of the road reserve (boundary to boundary).
For example, if the work will prevent:
  • Normal pedestrian access along a footpath
  • Normal use of a vehicle driving or parking lane.
  • Sports events that use any roads

Traffic management plans are required to be designed, set up and monitored by personnel qualified under NZTA requirements. Service providers may be found in the Yellow Pages under Traffic Management.

For more informtion you can contact RLC Transport Planning Team at or Ph: 07 348 4199

Site or lay plan

A site or lay plan is required to be submitted with all corridor access requests and must clearly show the following:
  • Ensure the plan is clear and easy to read
  • Must be site specific and show the full extent of services to be installed e.g. in the footpath from outside 124 John St to outside 148 John St
  • Any trees and other above ground structures, street furniture etc along the planned lay route.  
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