High Productivity Motor vehicles

​In mid-2010 the government passed legislation to allow bigger trucks, known as high productivity motor vehicles (HPMV), to carry heavier loads on our roads.

To operate a HPMV you require a special permit and you are restricted to roads approved as  for these vehicles.

For more information about high productivity motor vehicles go to NZTA website.

Maps of the approved routes for HVMP'S in Rotorua and the Bay of Plenty

High Productivity Motor Vehicle (HPMV) Application Permits (Rotorua) approved routes

  • Alamein Rd
  • Birch Rd
  • Broadlands Rd
  • Butchers Road (sealed section only), from State Highway 5 to Springs Road
  • Butcher Road, from SH5 to Springs Rd only
  • Clayton Road (S/Hway 5 to Pinex Road) - Pinex Road
  • Deep Creek Rd
  • East Rd
  • Froude Street from SH 30 to BP entrance (80 metres)
  • Forest Road (Thomas to Otto) - class 1 axles only
  • Geddes Road (access from State Highway 5 via Lake Road)
  • Goudies Road 
  • Handcock Rd
  • Hamiora Place
  • Henderson Road
  • Highlands Road to State Highway 5. Local Roads - Private property onto Highlands Road and Highlands Loop Road to State Highway 5.
  • Jay Rd
  • Karaka Road (access from State Highway 5 via Lake Road)
  • Lake Road
  • Longview Rd
  • Loop Rd
  • Maraeroa Road (from State Highway 5) to Mamaku Street, and Mamaku Street. 
  • Marino Road
  • Northern Boundary Road (from Whakatane District boundary to Republican Road)
  • Otto Rd
  • Ohaaki Road, from Broadlands Road to Taupo District Boundary. 
  • Oturoa Rd from SH5 to 1182 Oturoa Rd only (2km)
  • Plateau Rd
  • Rawhiti Rd
  • Reporoa Rd
  • Republican Road (from Northern Boundary Road to Ash Pit Road)
  • Rerewhakaaitu Road
  • Sangro - Strathmore to Rawhiti
  • Settlers Rd
  • Short Rd
  • South Road at District boundary to Maraeroa road. Local Roads: District boundary on South Road to Kaponga Road (head west) on to Mamaku Road then on to Maraeroa road.
  • Springs Rd
  • State Highway 5 (Fairy Springs Rd) to 21 Ferguson Place, Rotorua
  • State Highway 5 (Fairy Springs Rd) to 5 Bidois Road
  • State Highway 5 to Williams & Wilshier Depot on Biak Street - Local roads - Depot Street, Gilltrap Street, Waterford Street, Biak Street
  • State Highway 5 to Rotorua Sawmill - Local Roads - View Rd (from State Highway 5) to Hyland Crescent, and Hyland Crescent.
  • State Highway 30 (Sala Street) Marino Rd, Allen Mills Rd, Vaughan Rd between Allen Mills Rd and Tachikawa Sawmill.
  • State Highway 30 from South Rotorua to Mt Maunganui
  • State Highway 30 to Wahanga-A-Rangi Cresent to Te Huaki Cresent (Damar Industries Ltd)
  • State Highway 38 via Rerewhakaaitu Rd to Ashpit Rd, Ngamotu Rd to District Boundary
  • Strathmore, from Broadlands to Sangro and East to Deep Creek
  • Tawa Road
  • Tutukau Road, from State Highway 5 to but excluding bridge # 74 (Waikato River)​
  • Twist Road 
  • View Road, Monokia Street
  • View Road - Riri Street - Tallyho Street
  • Waikaukau Road
  • Wharepara Rd
  • Whirinaki Valley Road (State Highway 30 to Twist Road)

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