Oversize and overweight vehicles

Oversize and overweight vehicles and loads need to follow additional requirements before travelling
on our roads.

This is so they can fit on the road safely e.g get round corners and fit under bridges.
The maximum size and weight dimensions for vehicles are set out in the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2002. This commonly includes farm vehicles and vehciles used in house relocation.

Click here to find out if your vehicle fits within the general mass (weight) limits on New Zealand roads.

Click here to find out if your vehicle/trailer fits within the standard dimension requirements.

Oversized vehicles and loads on State Highways

To obtain permits for oversized vehicles and loads on the State Highways, please contact
the NZ Transport Agency Over Dimension Permits Contact Centre, phone 0800 683 774. 

Overweight vehicles or loads on local roads

To obtain permission for an overweight load on Rotorua Lakes Council roads, complete the NZ Transport Agency's Overweight Permit Application Form NZTA804 below.
For more information see the Overweight Permit Manual.

Overweight Permit Application form NZTA804 (pdf 224KB)
Overweight Permit Application form NZTA804 (word 130KB)

Once you have completed the form sent an electronic copy to overweightpermitsrotorua@fultonhogan.com

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