​​Rotorua District has approximately 412 kilometres of concrete, bitumen and cobblestone footpaths.

Council policy is to ensure that every street in the urban area has a footpath on at least one side of the street. We have achieved this and are now adding second footpaths to streets where necessary.

Footpath maintenance

Council assesses and maintains every street in the district approximately every ten to twelve years. Our maintenance programme moves from street to street, alphabetically. We replace about 1500 metres of footpath annually. Infracore Limited​, a Council Controlled Organisation (CCO) carries out this​ work.

A footpath that is not due for maintenance will only be repaired if it is a danger to the public.

Footpath damage

Heavy vehicles and tree roots cause nearly all of the damage to footpaths. We cannot do much about tree roots, but where we can identify people who have driven on and damaged footpaths, we will charge them for the repairs.

If you see a vehicle driving or parking on a footpath, let Council know. Even if the footpath is not damaged, we can fine offenders as a deterrent.

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