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Youth Council

The Rotorua Lakes Youth Council (RLYC) is a team of diverse young people aged 13-18 yrs, representing
various ethnicities, age, geographic location, gender & experience. They provide a youth perspective to what Rotorua Lakes Council does and other issues affecting young people. The RLYC plays an active role in
ensuring that the collective “voice” of the youth population is heard and represented throughout the community.
This is achieved by:

    • Volunteering in various community based events and activities
    • Liaising with Rotorua Lakes Council and other key decision makers within the community
    • Networking with various youth based organizations and agencies
    • Raising awareness of the positive contributions young people make to our community
    • Engaging in positive and constructive social activism

Applications for Rotorua Lakes Youth Council can be made each year in November.

Other links

 Term's of Reference (PDF 37kb)
 Rotorua Youth Council Clearinghouse - A Space to connect various information and links for Youth Council operations in Rotorua

For further information contact:

Chris Webber, Youth Council Coordinator on 07 351-8089 or



​Kesia Kurian ​Fisher Wang​Samantha Warena
​Sarah Kolver​Hyesu Yang​Ruby Carter
​Olivia Temm​Shanalya Barrett (chair)​Maggie Donovan-Cotter
​Eamon Walsh​Eric Lee


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