Official Information Request - 20 April 2020


Sent: Tuesday, 19 May 2020 3:25 pm
Subject: Request for Official Information - Covid-19: Voluntary pay cut

I refer to the letter from the Taxpayers Union dated 20 April 2020 'Covid-19: voluntary pay cut and request for information'.  While some of the questions are not information that is held by council, I have attempted to respond as fully as possible.

Rotorua Lakes Council has frozen staff pay rates for the upcoming 2020/21 financial year and vacancies have also been frozen at this stage. 

As Chief Executive, following my recent re-appointment to the role, I chose during my employment negotiation (March 2020) to forego any market salary increase.​

With regards to blanket pay cuts, from politicians through to staff, Rotorua Lakes Council has supported the choice of individuals to give their time and/or money as they can, to assist our community.

Many have assessed and adjusted their individual contributions and as Chief Executive I have adjusted mine considerably at this time.

Also, as part of Rotorua's economic recovery plan and as reflected in the proposed 2020/21 Annual Plan, Council has chosen a prudent approach to setting rates while also ensuring the organisation is adequately funded. You can see more about the proposed Annual Plan HERE.

You have the right to seek an investigation and review by the Ombudsman of this decision. Complaints can be sent by email to, by fax to (04) 471 2254, or by post to The Ombudsman, PO Box 10152, Wellington 6143.

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