Official Information Request - 21 June 2017 5.09pm


Sent: Wednesday, 21 June 2017 5:09 p.m.
Subject: TRIM: Requests under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act

I refer to your emails received 25 May 2017 requesting various information for your "Ratepayer Report", and respond below as per your emails:

1. Average residential costs​

A) The average residential costs of rates and other Council charges for the 2016/17 financial year:  (X + Y)/Z, where:

X is the total of all rates (general and targeted) charged by the Council to residential properties;
Y is the total amount of user charges or levies applicable to residential properties (metered water, infrastructure contributions, refuse collection, fire protection etc); and
Z is the number of residential properties within the Council's district or city.

X = 42,121,962
Y = 0
Z = 18,710

Therefore, (42,121,962 + 0) / 18,710 = average residential rates $2,251 (GST inclusive) 

B) A list of the types of rates, user charges and levies used to calculate each of the figures above.

  • General rate in the dollar on capital value
  • Uniform annual general charge
  • Targeted rates
  • Lakes enhancement
  • Lakes community board
  • Refuse
  • Water
  • Sewage disposal
  • Capital cost sewerage scheme
  • Urban sewerage development

2. Audit and Risk Committee

  1. The number of members on the Council's Audit and Risk Committee (or equivalent): 7
  2. The number of independent members on the Committee: 1
  3. The number of lawyers (with a current practising certificate) on the Committee: 0
  4. The number of chartered accountants on the Committee: 1
  5. Whether the chair of the Council's Audit and Risk Committee is an independent member: No

3. Spend on advertising 

The total amount spent on printing, distribution and placement for the 2016 calendar year of all Council advertising and publications.


4. Code of conduct

A) Confirmation of whether there is a code of conduct which requires Council staff to act in a politically neutral manner:  

No this is not included in the employee code of conduct, however employees are reminded during an election period to remain politically neutral at all times in their dealings with elected members and the public in general.

B) If so, the specific wording of the provision(s):


5. Staff performance​

A) The number of Council employees dismissed due to poor performance in the last 12 months: 0
B) The total number of staff employed in the same period (gross): 368

6. Remuneration of elected officials

A​) Annual remuneration of the Mayor: $131,223
B) Average annual remuneration for the councillors: $49,850

7. Spending on tourism and economic promotion

A) The total spending on Regional Tourism Organisations and Economic Development Agencies in the 2016 calendar year: $4,325,000

B) The total spending on additional initiatives of which the primary objective was economic or tourism promotion in the 2016 calendar year – with a description of these activities: $0

We would like to know how your Council is measuring the return on investment for the above spending, and therefore request a description of what systems, analysis and accountability processes are in place to ensure that ratepayers are receiving value for money in this area.

Council is measuring the return on investment through the standard Local Government Accountability processes, including those used for Council Controlled Organisations. The Rotorua Lakes Council Annual Report includes the results of these processes and can be found at the following link:​publications/Annualreports/Pages/Annual%20Reports.aspx

We are obliged to advise that you may contact the Ombudsman at the address below if you have any concerns with the response provided by Council, by writing to:

The Office of the Ombudsman
PO Box 10 152

Alternatively, you may email or use the online complaints form available at


Jean-Paul Gaston     Group Manager, Strategy and Partnerships 
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