Official Information Request - 21 July 2017

Sent: Friday, 21 July 2017 1:39 p.m.
Subject: TRIM: LGOIMA drinking water standards

 I refer to your earlier email requesting information on drinking water, and apologise for the delay in reply.

Answers to your questions are provided below:

  1. As a local authority, do you have approved water safety plans for all of your drinking water supplies? 
    Yes we do.
  2. Please provide the latest implementation inspection for the water safety plans.
    The last implementation inspection was for the Rotorua Central supply in April 2015.

  3. Have any of your supplies been non-compliant with the water safety plan? If so, please provide details.
    Two non-conformances were identified. One for lateness of a set of raw water samples (completed shortly after) and one for delays in implementation of a backflow testing programme. This programme has been changed and is planned to take place in coming years.

  4. Do you have any boil water notices in place? If so, where and for how long have they been in place?
    None in place.
  5. How many boil water notices have you had in place for the last five years? If so, please detail where and for how long they were in place.
  6. Have you received any complaints about the water supply? If so, how many in the last five years? 
    We only have records for specific water quality complaints over the last 3 years. In that time there have been a total of 14 clarity complaints, 27 taste complaints and 10 odour complaints over approximately 25,000 connected properties.
  7. How many complaints have been investigated, and what was the outcome? 
    All complaints are investigated. Most odour and taste complaints are due to the presence of chlorine which is used to treat the water, and most clarity complaints are due to dissolved air which can occur following repairs. None of the investigations have found a problem with the quality of the water supplied.

We are obliged to advise that you may contact the Ombudsman at the address below if you have any concerns with the response provided by Council, by writing to:

The Office of the Ombudsman
PO Box 10 152

Alternatively, you may email or use the online complaints form available at


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